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Weaving Narratives: Exploring the intersection of Art and Textile Pattern Design (Part 2)

In the second part of the interview, the artist discussed how art has transformed her life by making her more compassionate and mindful. For her, creating art is a meditative experience that brings her comfort. She finds seeing the pieces come together to be the most rewarding aspect of textile design, while the most challenging aspect is finding the balance between aesthetics and functionality. The most recent artist's project explored the cultural significance of street carnivals and festivals through textiles and other mediums. She recommends that aspiring artists consider alternative sources of income and emphasizes the importance of taking breaks when dealing with artistic frustration.

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Weaving Narratives: Exploring the Intersection of Art and Textile Pattern Design (Part 1)

The interview is about Juliana Silva, an artist and textile designer, discussing her art practice and the origins of her art brand, Juliana Silva Studio. She talks about her multidisciplinary work and design style, incorporating storytelling and exploring the connection between textiles and society. She explains how she turns concepts into finished textile designs and discusses the boundaries between fine art and design. Juliana also talks about creating her online store and her plans for the future. She shares insights into the art scene in Vancouver and her experience studying abroad in Canada. Lastly, she discusses the transformative power of art in her life and offers advice for aspiring artists.

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