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My Story


Hello! I am Juliana Silva, visual artist and artistic director of Juliana Silva Studio. My passion is to make art. I work with mediums such as painting, drawing, and fabric sculpture. I always felt captivated by visual textures and patterns, as a kid I was drawn by textures in nature, then as an artist I incorporated that fascination into my art practice. My focus at school was  painting because I was so attracted to color, however with time I also wanted to transform my painting into something else, so I started creating my own fabrics and these fabrics also became soft sculptures. And now I am introducing animation as well. I am fascinated with seeing my drawings in motion.

As a new chapter in my creative life I decided to create Juliana Silva Studio.

In Juliana Silva Studio, I use my extensive background and knowledge of art and apply it to accessories, home décor, and garments. These products are high-quality wearable and usable art, and are both versatile and durable. They are manufactured and digitally printed on demand in Canada and use several printing processes depending on the kind of accessory or garment.

Juliana Silva Studio's philosophy is to provide products that contribute to a sustainable and responsible economy. I was careful to choose a supplier that offers fair wages and working conditions to its employees. In addition, the products are designed to last. My designs do not follow trends; they arise from personal art projects that seek to communicate an idea or a concept. Last but not least, I am deeply interested in equality—I believe everybody should have access to art. When you wear my designs, you not only support me as an artist, but you also bring art out of the gallery space and into your homes and onto the street, where it can enrich the lives of those around you.

Juliana Silva Studio is not only an online store, it is also a creative space where other artists will be invited to collaborate and design. Our first collaborative collection named “Roots” is memorable because it is made with the artist Carlos Silva, my uncle and my art mentor. Together we decided to create a collection with his art,  and my design ideas.  I will be constantly expanding, adding other points of view and artistic visions to this art space.

Now you know more about me, my practice and my shop. My products are made with the soul, always with artistic vision and with the purpose of communitate something. They are unique and timeless. 

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Thanks for reading my story. I welcome you to add a touch of artsy to your lifestyle!