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Roots Collection by Carlos Silva

We are excited to announce our first capsule collection, Roots, featuring the work of artist Carlos Silva. As an architect turned watercolour artist, Silva's mastery of the medium is evident in his ability to capture the different atmospheres of the landscapes he paints. Specifically, this collection highlights the stunning landscape of La Mesa de los Santos, a  mountain facing the Chicamocha Canyon in Colombia. The pleasing greens and ochres of this place are beautifully rendered through Silva's use of watercolour. 

For me, Silva was not only a mentor but the person who introduced me to the world of art. My first incursion into art was through his art and his guidance. Through painting with him, I also fell in love with the landscape of La Mesa de Los Santos. As such, it is fitting to name this collection Roots as a nod to the place where my artistic journey began. 

Roots invites us to immerse ourselves in the contemplative and peaceful atmosphere of Silva's work. This small collection is perfect for daily use and serves as a reminder of the beauty that surrounds us.