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Carmen Cushion Cover
Carmen Cushion Cover

Carmen Cushion Cover

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The Carmen cushion cover is made of a cotton linen canvas. This is a natural fibre and a pliable fabric with a loose weave. It is printed on both sides, and the cover has an invisible zipper on one side. Please Note: Due to the fabric content and inherent characteristics of linen fibres, solid areas of colour may show tiny white spots due to run-off from seeds or surface fuzz during the finishing process.

The Carmen cushion cover is inspired by one of the Wall Paper paintings by Juliana Silva from her 2012 series.                                                                                          Manufactured in Montreal. 

*Cushion cover does not include the cushion

Available in 2 sizes.

Material: Cotton linen

Size: 18”x 18” – 45.7 cm x 45.7 cm

          22”x 22” – 55.8 cm x 55.8 cm